Residential Construction

Being Central Florida’s leading residential construction contractor is no small feat. It takes vast expertise, superior customer service, and integrity to be trusted in the Central Florida industry.

Hiring a proper contractor for your new home project is a critical step. Often times it is not about the cost or the promises it’s about the trust and integrity.

Robert Kirkland Construction has been one of the top-rated residential contractors of Central Florida. There isn’t much that we haven’t built, repaired or corrected over the years.

With Robert Kirkland Construction, you can rest assured that your new home will exceed your expectations and standards. Your home will include an impressive list of features and the benefit of our design. Our goal is to ensure that your new home is a dream come true. It’s not just a possibility, it’s a certainty.

Next Steps…Get the Robert Kirkland Construction Guarantee


o    Personal, quality service

o    Cost-effective process from beginning to end

o    Final product exceeds expectations

o    Honesty, integrity, and great value

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